Jody Barton USB Memory Stick

Hello Fans,

to co-incide with the Beatles releasing their whole ouvre on a memory stick I thought I’d give it a go as well.

32gb stick with all my junk in, just £1000. Eat that fruit Beatle Bums. Taste my juicy windfalls etc.

Apologies to those who thought I’d ‘gone serious’ recently.

one more:

“How’d you like them apples?”

X-Felt – A Democratic Campaign

Stickers, T-shirts, posters and hand-made paintings for ‘X-Felt’ a campaign for increased democratic involvement in young people.

A street sticker I designed for the campaign.

and the T-shirt…

Hope can get you a fair way…

No choices worth making in some elections…

Does your vote go in the bin?

Is anyone listening…?

There’s been a spate of shootings in the Nørrebro area of Copenhagen recently. I wanted to remind politicians that people with grievances might use the ballot box instead of the bullet.

Do politicians only see us as an X in a box once every four years…?

Voting should be a precious right… treasure it.

Counted or shredded?

No voice…

Ears blocked?

Don’t forget to vote…


Paper cuts…

The algebra of voting…

The English Suffragette movement often went on hunger strike…

or broke windows in acts of civil disobedience.

The people are one organism under government.

A great thinker and humanist.

Suffragettes were also fed by nasal feeding tube when on hunger strike.

The installation. One night only.

Mongboards for the iPhone

A revolutionary new version of the classic accessibility tool for the hard-of-speaking. Mongboards for the iPhone is a point and click communication interface which has been in continuous development for 10 years. Originally a wipe clean flip book for messy situations, it has been redesigned from the wheels up as a stand alone iPhone app.

Developed by Barton Bayliss Barton Bayliss Industries © 2009

Track Bike Shop Copenhagen

This T-shirt was designed and made for the Copenhagen Track Bike Shop Team trip to compete in the 17th Cycle Messenger World Championships in Tokyo in September. Printed on a ‘carbon neutral’ T-shirt from

Here’s Angus Edmond (Beaver) from the shop about to be awarded the prize for World Champion Cargo Biker… that’s a race between riders of super-light cargo bikes around a specially designed course. He was riding a ‘Bullitt Race’ built by Copenhagen cargo bike specialists ‘Larry vs Harry’. Check out the bike here:

Dead Celebrities Show – Kurt Cobain

Hey, what’s up Frances Bean – I hope you don’t hate me for drawing a picture of your beautiful father. It’d be better if he were alive.

Dead Celebrities Show
Saturday 3rd October at ‘The Shop’
2 Ilkeston Rd, Nottingham, NG7 3GD
0115 9788649

This print available for just £1 at the show.

The Urn Show – Force of Nature

A show of hand-decorated funeral urns by international artists for a cancer charity.

The other artists are: Andrew Schoultz (US), Anika Lori (DK), Bigfoot (US), Eske Kath (DK), French (UK), Henrik Vibskov (DK), Hvass & Hannibal (DK), Knud Odde (DK), Benny Bee (DK), Martin de Thurah (DK), Silas Adler (DK), Typisk Lesbisk (DK), Ufex (DK) and Zarah Voigt (DK)

The urns will be auctioned at the closing of the show by in aid of ‘Drivkraeften’ the Danish Cancer Treatment Program, Youth Division.

Private View: Friday 2nd of October 17.00 – 22.00
open on Monday, Tuesday and Friday each week
13.00 – 18.00, until 23th of October.

Force of Nature
Birkegade 25
2200 Copenhagen N.

To bid on my urn:

Other info:

First Year Graphics Project

Uncanny – but this looks like what first year Graphics students do at Camberwell College…

(I should know – I was one of them…)

It’s a shoe attached to a photocopy. What will the tutor say in their crit?

They may fail this module. There’s always Joint Honours.

Smoke & Mirrors

Ampersand in mirror foil…

For the new shared office space “Smoke & Mirrors” in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

I cut all these pieces by hand with a pair of scissors and then put them in place with my trusty team of assistants.

Zine Soup – Book About Zines by TTC

Hello and Good Morning…

there’s a book been published. It’s all about zines. Those little meaningless art books full of collages of medical books and pithy un-original drawings displaying the self pity of the ‘artist’. Well, now you can have them all in coffee table book form.

Rad. Features my books ‘Embryo Boy’ and ‘I Hate Dolphins’.

Launch Party 12th September 7pm
Sønder Boulevard 79-81
1729 Copenhagen V

Zine Age Riot – UPDATED

International zine exhibition.
Opening on 8th August from 11am to 4pm at:

Sea Cell Gallery
4/1 Acacia Street
Byron Bay Arts & Industry Estate
NSW 2481
T. +61 2 6685 8531

I’ve made a 44 page colour A5 zine which features all new drawings along with found and original photography. It’s in an edition of 50. And it’s a bit porno. For more info and to buy the zine for $1 AUS after the opening of the show go to

Also featuring…
Joseph Allen, Craig Atkinson, Kimberly Amos, Gareth Bayliss, Martin Bell, Pete Brower, Jeff Canham, Tracey Churchward, Culture Vulture, Ryan Heywood, Nick Chalmers, Cathie Glassby, Jason Gormley, Hardland/Heartland, Ben Havenaar, Alex Kopps, Stefan Marx, Paul McNeil, Moustache Collective, Jim Newitt, Jared O’sullivan/Nick Simpson, Craig Rochfort, Jordan Rochfort, Nathaniel Russell, Loren Victory, Matt Yeates…

Pictures from the opening day!