Come see my art show at Heimdalsgade 22, Copenhagen 2200. It’s on for a few weeks. From now to whenever? Here’s a preview for the challenged of movement. There’s also the official cycling race cap by Cinelli for the AlleyMouse alleycat race which took place on the opening party.

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AlleyMouse racers undertake a ‘medical experiment’ and grow a human ear on their backs at one checkpoint.


WeAreOne Collective

I made the logogram for this new organisation which does collaborative projects to improve society and help people.

“…WeAreOne is an emerging movement aimed at addressing social injustice. We aim to bring together individuals, groups and organisations from humanitarian, corporate and creative sectors, to collaborate on developing innovative programs which inspire and bring about positive change and facilitate skill sharing opportunities. Creating environments where Solidarity is not just a good intention …..but instead it becomes a part of daily life…”

Cinelli Artist Cap – Manic Defence

I’ve been working on this cap with Cinelli recently and now it’s ready. It’s a great pleasure to work with Cinelli because I know they really understand art and artists. My cap is called ‘The Manic Defence’ which is a sort of nickname for the act of drawing. I draw to defend myself against the manic energy of the universe and also to luxuriate in that energy – to give it form. These cartoon motifs: the eyes, the clocks, the vessels and spinning tops all represent the manic urge to create inside the restrictions of time – and the desire to have eyes see us and see our creations. The black magic of narcissism!

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manic-defence-cap-2 manic-defence-cap-3