Gay’s OK & Queer Ally Cap

Hola! The world can be shitty place, but can you believe that who you LOVE can also mean that you get treated all shitty? It’s ridiculous. My good friend Allan Shaw runs a LGBTQ advocacy organisation powered by cycling called ‘Gay’s Okay’.

In his own words: :

“… Gay’s Okay is a small cycling apparel brand with a big, positive, empowering message: that our cycling community welcomes those of all sexual and gender identities, that we are here to change bad attitudes and celebrate our diversity from the grassroots up, while supporting organisations and events that work hard for equal rights and against discrimination. It is with pride that for every item purchased we donate a portion of the profits to a range of LGBTQ+ organisations and cycling events that promote full inclusion.These include; Outright International, an international organisation that addresses human rights violations and abuses against LGBTQ+ people, and Rainbow Railroad, an organisation that helps LGBTQ+ people escape violence and persecution in their home countries and seek asylum…”

It’s a true honour to be allowed to make graphics for Gay’s OK’s latest project – ‘Queer Ally’.

Buy them here with good reason!

Testicles and Breasticles

I did this art event where I drew a ‘Cosmic Manifestation’ of their breasts or penis as a kind of one-on-one performance. It was inspired/stolen from Ken Kagami’s similar works. It was interesting because in retrospect I wish I’d offered to draw women’s genitals as well instead of their breasts. It seemed like a lopsided concept to do it the way I did. Many thanks to all that played along.

The Environment – Better Than Ever

I used to do a lot of work about ‘ The Environment’ – but then the dogma, the politics and the psychology got the better of me. It’s not the job of artists to save the world it’s a job for everyone together. And people don’t like being together – it’s an anathema to their individuality.

I recently got asked to sum all this up in a talk at a Royal College of Art. Here are the slides.


Come see my art show at Heimdalsgade 22, Copenhagen 2200. It’s on for a few weeks. From now to whenever? Here’s a preview for the challenged of movement. There’s also the official cycling race cap by Cinelli for the AlleyMouse alleycat race which took place on the opening party.

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AlleyMouse racers undertake a ‘medical experiment’ and grow a human ear on their backs at one checkpoint.


WeAreOne Collective

I made the logogram for this new organisation which does collaborative projects to improve society and help people.

“…WeAreOne is an emerging movement aimed at addressing social injustice. We aim to bring together individuals, groups and organisations from humanitarian, corporate and creative sectors, to collaborate on developing innovative programs which inspire and bring about positive change and facilitate skill sharing opportunities. Creating environments where Solidarity is not just a good intention …..but instead it becomes a part of daily life…”