Warhol’s Moon Cock

In 1969, a New York artist called Forrest Myers conspired to hide a tiny ceramic tile with drawings by himself and five other well known artists of the day onto the Apollo 12 Moon Lander.

The artists were: Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, David Novros, Forrest “Frosty” Myers, Claes Oldenburg, and John Chamberlain.

Warhol’s contribution was a drawing of a penis that also functioned as a monogram, consisting of the letters A and W combined.

There was also some grainy photocopies of Playboy centrefolds included by flight engineers in the checklists for the strictly hetero’ astronauts.

Toy Tokyo

Here’s some designs I just recently did for the brand ‘toy tokyo’ – or at least I think that’s what they’re called… They were very nice and they paid up real fast so we are good friends now. Only available in Japanland.

World Game – Milk Magazine 01

An editorial illustration for Hong Kong’s ‘Milk Magazine’. If you look carefully you can see a single shoe made by a small company called Adidas. They are branching out into right-footed shoes next year. Milk Magazine is the marketing magazine for the Hong Kong Milk Marketing Board and is printed on ‘milk paper’, a bi-product of the dairy industry.

Soundvenue 41

Brickthrough Man

For the forthcoming Soundvenue Magazine No. 41. Soundvenue is Scandinavia’s foremost music magazine sold at a horrendous mark-up in fashiony boutiques and displayed inside a glass case next to the lasercut perspex gun necklaces and other accessories which art students start businesses making.

More Dazzling Camouflage

After I started thinking about designing my own confusing patterns for prototype vehicles, I remembered the obsession with Army camouflage in fashion and design. Probably the most interesting ‘real world’ camouflage is the ‘Dazzle’ system of painted disguise for warships used extensively in the First World War.


I’ve always thought it was pretty cool, and there’s a definite un-remarked upon relationship between the desire to break up the shape of a battleship and the desire to break up the new curves of a yet to be announced motor car. Maybe the car prototype disguisers could learn a thing or two from the dazzle idea.

And Jeff Koons has done an amazing job on some rich person’s yacht too. It’s called the ‘Guilty’.


And last – but definitely not least… Patricia van Lubeck’s scatter patterned car.

Give Me My Dream Job – Robotic Cake Decorations

‘Give Me My Dream Job’ is part of an ongoing series.

My dream job would be to design a new ‘Artist Decorated’ cake every day for a baker like the one featured in this video. I could draw new designs on the computer and have the bakery do an exhibition of my cake based ‘Limited Edition’. Artist and robots in perfect harmony. Better than doing screenprints.

Art with a shelf life…

This would be me in the shower cap.

So, don’t waste any time robotic cake decorating factories. You’ve got my number, let’s talk cake art.

Give Me My Dream Job – Car Disguise Patterns

‘Give Me My Dream Job’ is part of an ongoing series.

My Dream Job would be designing the camoflague patterns for new car prototypes. The existing ones are crappy boring. Come on now I mean – look at these poor examples. It’s a wasted opportunity. At the moment it’s all ‘wiggly worms’, bad spandex disco pants etc.

So, come on car companies, you need a professional image maker on this one… the ball is in your court. My phone number is on the sidebar.

Make that call.


Here’s some of mine – in association with Ben Wilson Design.

Soundvenue 39

Here it is… the latest lovingly rendered editorial for Scandinavia’s most leatherbound part-work. Lavishly hand-tooled engraving of the hand of the tight-fisted consumer paying for digital music with one hand and taking away with the other…

And yes, it’s drawn by hand. With a pen. Not a Wacom tablet. In fact I’ve always drawn everything single thing I do by hand. Just so you know :)


Give Me My Dream Job – Designing An Erotic Watch

OK, this is ‘Give Me My Dream Job’ – a new series of posts on my blog.

In each post I’m going to outline a project I’d like to do, accompanied by reference material stolen from the internet.

This is the first one. Part 01 if you like.

My Dream Job Would Be: Designing An Erotic Watch.

OK Watch Companies – The Ball’s In Your Court. You’ve got my number.


This a sexy Japanese porno watch:

And some tits that James Bond has spotted on his wristwatch.

Soundvenue Magazine – Posters

If you’re a fan of Soundvenue Magazine – Scandinavia’s BEST music magazine then you might be interested in these fine – and affordable – poster prints. Each one is just 180 Kr Danish or around 20 Euros. Based on my last 5 illustrations for the magazine.

Order them here: http://www.soundvenue.com/shop






Chokenhagen Poster

Celebrate the spirit of contemporary political dissent with this Chokenhagen Molotov Cocktail…

2 parts biofuel
1 part self righteous indignation
Organic cotton rag

This print available as a limited edition signed LAMBDA/C-Type. 56cm x 76cm. £60 incl. delivery Europe. Mail me to order: mail@jodybarton.co.uk

With thanks to ZZZUNE…