Black Humours Zine 03

I’m working on a small A5 zine to collect some of the latest artworks from various Black Humours T-shirt collections over 2012. Here’s a new drawing I did for it which adds 12 more faces to the ones I made for the Birdy Beak series. The zine should be out in February / March.

Self Servicing – A Beginning

Hello fans of obscure and impenetrable dialogue. A while ago I wrote a script for a comedy film formed from a series of short episodes. I’ve been looking for a way to make the series as a live action piece, and I’m still going to try to do that, but in the meantime I’m going to start doing the story as drawings. It’s a slow process but here are the first four panels.

Art You Can Eat – Greed Is Good

I’d like to announce the first completed prototype moulds and REAL chocolate drawings you can eat. Made from my drawings by the incredible Mother Eleganza of Lithuania. More info soon when full production has been finalised. Pretty mad huh!

See them at:
Lithuanian Design Block Festival
The Very First Preview
Showcase with Ruta Kiskis
“Kaledinis Daiktu Turgus”
15-16 12 2012,
T. Sevcenkos 16A,

click here for info:

Years of Stagnation

I love drawing while watching documentaries by Adam Curtis. It’s such a larff! He’s a super-serious, and visually very aware social and political anthropologist – I guess! Anyway, he has a cool blog at the BBC website with clips from fascinating archive stuff. This one is about the old Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. Watch and learn…

And this is the drawing to go with it.

Home Office – Backing Up Britain!

In the British Government’s Home Office, the home Secretary, a person called Teresa May, has a plan to keep a copy of all the emails in Britain. She’s a brave lady – I already filled up two hard drives in my own Home Office – she’s going to need to order a whole heap of those cheap 1TB hard-drives. Also, if you are keeping all the emails in Britain on a hard-drive (or maybe two or three as they build up) then be sure to put a bit of tape over the power socket to make sure the cleaner doesn’t unplug everything when they do the hoovering.

Read about the plan to keep a back-up of everything here

Walking The Fox

Some people have cats, others dogs – I have a rabid and sexually incontinent fox as a pet. He’s particularly interested in the scent of a woman at her most fertile. I have to keep him on a very strong piece of string. Dogs are so fearful that they shiver visibly – cats leave home with spotted handkerchiefs on sticks. He is probably rabid – and certainly worm-ridden.

Fish Liver In Your Mouth

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and your skin is blotchy, your mind is addled, your teeth are falling out, you have crackling joints and rheumy eyeballs that won’t point straight.

You need many things. But thankfully you can get some of them by trapping a bunch of fish in a net, sucking them into a big steel ship hundreds of miles from land in treacherous seas, cutting out their livers and then feasting on the gloopy fish-stinkin’ juices until the first salad of springtime. By which time you’ll be near transparent, skeletal and flabby all at the same time.

Sweaty Recipe

OK, so I’m a cycling obsessed bastard, amongst other things. This is what it’s like. When you ride in the winter, you need protection from the elements (fire, water, ice and brimstone). It’s mostly ice. you need layers. There’s:

Foot, sock layer 01, sock layer 02, cycling shoe with terrifying ‘cleat’ allowing the shoe to freeze onto the pedal meaning certain death if you should have to stop. And then ‘bootie’ or ‘shoe cover’ – a huge hobbit foot like cover which protects your feet from cold and spray. And despite space age breathable fabrics the whole quail inside a duck inside a chicken inside a turkey inside a sasquatch foot is DAMP, CLAMMY, COLD, WET, SMELLY like a cats nappy. Etc.

Look like a fuckin’ sasquatch with all this shit on.

Terrible Hair – £5

So, you are bored of your lovely golden/tawny/raven hair. You want something EDGY / MAD / PARENT WORRYING. Then you have come to the right place. I will RUIN – totally F-up your hair for just £5. Report to my studio at once. It will be urban. Edgy. I can do eyelashes and eyebrows too. BRRRZZZP! Shaved off!

Apres Snow Cycle Cross

So, yesterday I raced in a small, informal cyclo-cross race. That’s racing off-road, on a road racing bike but with mountain bike knobbly tyres. It was snowing hard and we were riding in the woods too. We invited 40 people but due to extreme softness only 7 people turned up. Cyclo-cross is a winter sport, so go figure. Anyway, when you’ve raced for an hour with snow in your face, then cycled 15 miles home with snow in the face, down your back, wet gloves, wet everything then you need SUGAR, MEAT, ALCOHOL and TEA. The four sport foods. Fucking ravenous.

Light Up The Night

When you are zooming along a 20cm wide path between trees, on ice and snow, in pitch dark, right behind another sucker, then you need LIGHT, and lots of it. You need 1000 lumens. It’s enough to dazzle a vampire bat.

My Collaboration With Jean-Paul Sartre

Last Christmas, in 2011, I was contacted by dead French Existential philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. I was a little surprised. He was dead. But despite this he was keen to work. I suggested marrying his ability as a writer with my illustration skills and try to sell the designs to Hallmark or Clintons or something. He was pretty desperate for cash (his descendants had inherited everything he had), so he said yes. It didn’t go that well. I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky sort of fellow; always chipper, but Jean-Paul was a bit of a gloom merchant if I’m honest. I don’t think he’s really a Christmas person. Anyway, we’ve had a bit of a falling out now, so we won’t be continuing with the project. I thought I would show the cards we made here anyway – just in case you, or any of your family members works in the senior management of a greetings card firm.

WET FUR – New Solo Show – Rouen, France

Hello friends, I’m having a show of 15 new ink drawings in Rouen, France as part of the Normandiebulle 2012 Festival. I’m not personally in attendance, but my good friend Fabrice Houdry will be your host for the evening. The title of the show is ‘Wet Fur’, and there will be 15 signed copies of a new zine also called ‘Wet Fur’ to accompany the show. The zine is just €3.

It’s open from 21st September to 6th October
(opening reception on September 26th)
La Rose des Vents, 37 Rue St Nicolas, 76000 Rouen, tel:
Festival Info: click here

Cafe Poster Show – Until 30th September

It’s all about posters. A gigantic installation of hundreds and hundreds of handmade posters, collages and paintings – all new, all different, all fresh ideas.

13.00 – 23.00
Monday to Saturday until 30th September
Skt Peders Stræde 34
1453 København, Denmark
Tel. 33 32 85 15

Press Release:


‘Cafe Poster Show’ – New Artworks by Jody Barton
Din Nye Ven, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, København 1453 – tel: 33 32 85 15
Monday – to Saturday 13.00 – 23.00

Jody Barton is a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in commercial graphics for street fashion and record cover design. He also publishes his own zines, comic books, makes music and short films. This show is an installation piece made from hundreds of handmade posters, drawings and collage pieces which aims to examine and deconstruct the aesthetic of the busy bulletin board. Photocopies, delicate ink drawings, photographs both personal and found, transparent film, tape, pins and paintings are layered on top of each other to create a highly complex textural piece which uses the walls and bulletin boards of this cafe bar as an integral part of the artwork. Jody has created graphics for Stussy USA, MTV, Black Humours Japan, Norse Projects, Umbro, Greenpeace, Art Park Australia, Mambo, Turboweekend, Soundvenue and more and has also shown widely in London, Tokyo, Paris, Australia and Berlin. His latest book ‘Black Masters’ is available on Nieves.


‘Cafe Poster Show’ – Nye kunstværker af Jody Barton
Din Nye Ven, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, 1453 København – tlf. 33 32 85 15
Mandag – til lørdag fra 13,00 til 23,00

Jody Barton er multi-disciplinær kunstner og har en baggrund inden for kommerciel grafisk kunst til blandt andet street fashion og cover art for musikbranchen. Han udgiver sine egne zines og tegneserier, og laver desuden musik og kortfilm. ’Cafe Poster show’ er et stykke installationskunst lavet af flere hundreder håndtegnede plakater, tegninger og kollager, som sætter sig for at undersøge og dekonstruere æstetikken bag den tæt tilklistrede opslagstavle. Fotokopier, sirlige blæktegninger, fundne og personlige fotografier, gennemsigtig film, klisterbånd, pins og malerier er opsat i lag oven på hinanden og skaber en kompleks tekstur, som bruger væggen og opslagstavlen i caféen som en integreret del af værket. Jody har tidligere lavet grafisk kunst for Stussy USA, MTV, Black Humours Japan, Norse Projects, Umbro, Greenpeace, Art Park Australia, Mambo, Turboweekend, Soundvenue og har udstillet vidt og bredt i London, Tokyo, Paris, Australien, Berlin. Hans seneste bog ‘Black Masters’ sælges gennem

Uh huh, yeah.