Reduce C02 Emissions

If you are going to drink fizzy pop then please try not to burp. It’s better to ‘bear down’ really hard and try to excrete coal which can be buried. If you have ‘buns of steel’ you may be able to create enough pressure internally to shit diamonds. That way you can be quids-in AND save the World!

Human Betrayal

‘The Prisoners Dilemma’ is the name for a particular kind of social interaction where although it would be more beneficial for both parties to co-operate, they both betray each other and end up worse off. As part of the social theory ‘Game Theory’ it influenced some of the most cynical thinking in post Second World-War politics, and informed the logic of the Cold War.

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Ensure Misery

The urge to achieve perfection is one of the basic human drives which gives rise to motivation. It is possible however for the drive toward perfection to become pathalogical or unhealthy. If we accept that perfection is essentially an un-attainable goal, but instead merely an ideal to be aimed toward, then we can create realistic goals and therefore the possibility of success.

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Quality on the Streets

There was a time, not so long ago, that the streets were just the gaps between buildings where people would walk and vehicles move along. Now, ‘the streets’ are a location of myth – a place of fantasy for marketing people to use as a way of adding ‘urban excitement’ to their products. That’s quality mate…

Youth is Not a Culture

If you are over thirty you will have realised that life isn’t over for the over thirties. It’s a grave shock to the system. What? Now I have to be an old person? Of course if you are over forty you’ll think that people in their thirties are still young and should stop complaining. And so it goes. People are often talking about Youth Culture, but in fact, most culture is for old people. Young people don’t need culture – they are far too busy having fun with sex and drugs.

The Politics of Fear

The kind of ‘Terror’ which we are meant to be fighting in a global war, is not an enemy without – but an enemy within. The creation of the terrorist enemy allows governments to erode the delicate freedoms of self expression and privacy which we consider some of the most precious achievements of our society. Paradoxically we destroy our own freedom so that the so called terrorist enemy can’t.

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