Bobby Bulldog London 2012 Official Olympic Mascot


Monday 5th January 2009 – For immediate use.

Official 2012 Olympic Mascot Design Competition Result

Bobby Bulldog™ designed by UK Illustrator Jody Barton

We are very pleased to announce that Jody Barton’s entry of Bobby Bulldog™ has been successful in being chosen as the official mascot of the London 2012 Olympic Games. As well as the honour of seeing his design chosen, Jody Barton will receive £100,000 as a joint prize and license fee for the character.

Jody Barton said “…although normally the ethical considerations of working for the International Olympic Committee with it’s horrendous record on ignoring human rights violations and persistence in stating that despite the Olympics being a competition between political entities is itself in no way political, I felt that the huge fee of £100,000 just for doing a shit cartoon justified my actions…”

We felt that the dynamic Bobby Bulldog™ with his bowler hat was both traditional and modern and represented the vibrant multi-ethnic and multi-cultural powerhouse that Britain is today. It’s also quite Britpop.

There will be various ‘flavours’ of Bobby Bulldog™ to represent diverse segments of British society – such as Big Gay Bobby Bulldog™ and Asian UK Bobby Bulldog™ for example. Other variations such as Emo Yeah Bobby Bulldog™ and Ethical Green Lobby Bobby Bulldog™ are being actively considered.

There will be merchandising opportunities for manufacturers to bid for in the coming months. Please ensure you are signed up for the Official Olympic Suppliers terms to receive these notifications.

thank you,

London 2012 Olympic Press Office.


Bobby Bulldog™ has been chosen to be depicted on the Official 2012 50p Coin. And the best thing is that the coin will only cost 50 pence from all good newsagents. Simply go to your newsagent and ask for change from a pound. Your newsagent will be able to give you TWO Bobby Bulldog™ coins (subject to availability).

Ha Ha Comic Book

A new 16 page illustrated comic book available from SOMA Gallery Bristol and Concrete Hermit London. Just £2 of your lunch money. You know when you get together with friends and suck down the old Laughing Gas and the hilarity starts to get dark? You are still making the laughing noise but you aren’t laughing any more? Yes! that’s what it could be about…

Fuckin’ Hell It’s Fuckin’ Fucked

Here’s a few spreads from my newly reprinted book ‘F.H.I.F.F.’ – it’s got a silver cover to celebrate. And this book is about the environment and what a fucked up state it’s all in. But it’s also about what a load of old shit the whole climate change debate is and how it doesn’t make any sense at all. You’ll have to buy the book from and read it to see what I mean.

The Rabid Isle

A country with an appetite for human happiness. We are the country in Europe with the biggest gap between rich and poor, a country still separated by class and wealth. A country that can’t eat it’s vegetables but can eat it’s young. We hate war but we make tanks. All the animals on our nation’s symbols are either captive or imaginary and usually chained up. That’s where our mythical life is… on a chain. Britain is hungry like a zombie to use you in it’s schemes.

So Many Unhappy Faces

There’s a lot to say about the United K. Do you live in England, Britain, The United Kingdom or The British Isles? Are we all sailing under a false flag? What does the Union Flag mean? Or is it the Union Jack? Who was Saint George? And did he kill the Welsh Dragon? Why isn’t Wales mentioned on the Union Flag? All these questions and more puzzle me.

Urban Art – Eau de Parfum

Hi there marketing types. What about a new Fresh Jazzy fragrance for young men who spray badly thought out pseudonyms round the back of the shops after a vodka and red bull session? A fragrance that sums up their desire to be creative and your desire to make sure they buy useless tat like this imaginary (at time of going to press) body spray. It’s in the shape of a spray can for paint! Rad! It even has a little rattly ball inside! Graffito your own body! Express yourself! Write your own urban script!

£0$€ – Snakes and Losers

What goes up must come down. And all that money you’ve saved might be worth nothing tomorrow. From Nero to Zero. Snakes and ladders where there are no ladders… only slippery snakes.

Pounds, Dollars and Euros… all worth Zero on the end… Everything to LOSE…

Rasta Willy & Heavy Metal Motherhood

More new prints coming out.

‘Heavy Metal Motherhood’ – signed limited edition of 10 prints Red to Silver and 10 prints Blue to Silver – screenprint – 56cm x 76cm – Fabriano Artistico hand-made paper – retail price £45

‘Rasta Willy’ – signed limited edition of 10 Green Linework over multiple fluorescents and 10 Blue Linework over multiple fluorescents – gold metallic signature marks – screenprint – 56cm x 76cm – Fabriano Artistico hand-made paper – retail price £60

Available from June 17th from or please call them for availability details on 0117 973 9838.

Muscle Men

I’ve had this ridiculous muscle magazine knocking around for ages, and suddenly I got this idea that body-builders want to turn their whole bodies into erect penises… This idea makes a lot of sense when you think about it… So these collages, (that’s French for sticking and glueing) got made. They are a ‘work in progress’, (that’s art-talk for unfinished).

just touch them with your mouse pointer and PRESS your finger down to see them GROW before your very eyes…

May 68 Poster

To celebrate the events in Paris, May 1968, designer and artist Brian Ponto has organised a political poster project, with artists from around the world contributing designs that deal with issues of freedom and revolution. The posters will then be distributed worldwide. He asked me to do one of the designs.

See the other designs here:

click here to read more about the events of May 68 on Wikipedia


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