Stranger Disco

Dog Fruits

CK Barriär Redux

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Dirty Protest


Clockwork Greengrocers

My Arse, Your Face

That’s a match!

ECMC 2016

I’m making all the visuals for the including some very cool work with Cinelli and Santini and a host of…

End of The World 2015

Star Wars

We are still trying to get to final approval from Lucasfilm and Beams T in Japan on our Black Humours…

The Amazing Pig Out Enamel Badge

New – Hay Mini Tongue Totes

See more here at Hay Mini-Market

Pigadelic 3!

I did these colouring-in book artworks for The Amazing Pig Out party. I thought I’d colour them in for you.

Excel Man

And yeah, the math adds up. – UPDATE: no, it doesn’t. When it was printed in Das Magazin an eagle-eyed…

The True Spirit of Thanksgiving

Did this little crime scene for the NY Times. All about how the arguments over the turkey can turn serious. 

Kickstarter – Enamel Badges – Funded!

It worked, the wheels of industry are turning, badges are being made. Follow the updates at: click to go to…

Stinkfoot – Enamel Badge

This one is a job for someone else. I am now the ‘go to man’ for these badge things. Colours…

Flying High

Father & Son

Fobbed Off

Black Hearted

Black Humours, the label I created in Japan, has been working with some of the best embroidery manufacturers there in…

Not Much Wow?

Landfill Editions – Mould Map 4

I have some new drawings about the ‘secret rules of Europe’ – codified behaviour guide lines for your internal policeman…

Patched Up

Diaspora – A New Book – Free

Well, it’s free or it’s whatever you want it to be – because when you download it – which you do…

Politics of Image Making – Conference & Workshops

The Politics of Image Making Conference & Workshops Copenhagen, 12th to the 17th July 2016 Speakers and Leaders: Jakob Boeskov…

CK Barriär – New Kit

New T-shirts at Beams T Japan

My label Black Humours has some new shirts out this week. Not sure if they post to Europe or anywhere else…

LIVE Illustrating Gasworks Way in Copenhagen.

Gasworks Way (or Gasvaerksvej in Danish) is where my studio is in Copenhagen. You should see the people that pass by! It’s…

Crazy Leopards Bags – OUT NOW!

For more details and to check availability please visit:

Live Illustrating the Copenhagen Marathon

  09:18am LIVE ILLUSTRATING the Copenhagen Marathon today from all around the city. Here at the start line the competants…

Albert Hofmann – Das Magazin

A watercolour portrait of Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD. Commissioned by Andreas Wellnitz studio and Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger for…

CK Barriär

I made this logo for new Swedish Cyclo-cross club C.K. Barriär.  

Omnium Cargo – The T-shirt

Bottle Boys Etching

An original etching of my bottle boys in various states of self realisation. 

Psylocibin Oilmen

A aesthetic collision between the Texan Oilman and the darker side of the 1960s counterculture. Think Dallas on mushrooms.

Abstractive Titles

Some works from my show at the itinerant gallery showing in Copenhagen. Open until 26th April, see their website…

Black Submarine

So, did you know that Britain is planning on spending billions and billions of quids on a set of matching…


Empty Nest

A collection of used condoms. Not something you want to have in real life.  

Stickers For Ever

Out Now! Buy this set of three sheets of amazing, ultimate quality hand screenprinted stickers of classic and new shiticisms….

Fuckin’ Hell It’s Fuckin’ Back, JPEG & The Fist

The best selling T-shirts are back. Advertise your lethargy toward that stinkin’ environment, assert your reality beyond pixelhood or show just…

iPhone 1842

Self Servicing

In a medium sized city somewhere in the frictionless Western World, a group of youngish people play empty games in the…

Collect The Dots

Dots everywhere from my brush! Check out these cute little bags, laptop cases and totes at Hay stores. Made in…

Klebstoff Sticker Magazine 8

I just contributed a sheet of stickers to the magazine ‘Klebstoff’. I just did one spread but there are over…

5 Dials Literary Magazine

Would you like a free pdf literary magazine with writing by some really world class writers, and illustrated by me?…

Food Colouring

Bottle Boys

Some Spots

I drew these brush-o-delic pictures of skateboarding favourites for Nike SB. There’s currently some confusion as to whether they were…