LIVE Illustrating Gasworks Way in Copenhagen.


Gasworks Way (or Gasvaerksvej in Danish) is where my studio is in Copenhagen. You should see the people that pass by! It’s a right eye-opener. To save you the trouble of coming to the former socialist paradise for yourself I drew them as they passed by my street-level window the other day. Did you know that you…

Open Studio


OPEN STUDIO – FRIDAY 12 JUNE – 16.00 – 19.00 – GASVAERKSVEJ 10A – VESTERBRO – COPENHAGEN See original drawings and samples from projects with Stussy, Phoenix, Turboweekend, Apartamento, Silas, Warner Brothers, Google, Hay, Black Humours, LeFix, Nike, CND, Urban Outfitters, Beck, Art Park, Rolling Stone Magazine, New York Times, and more. Peruse my T-shirt library, see all my published…

Big Active Creative Agency


Did you know that I’m represented by the World’s best creative agency – Big Active? Well, you do now. They have a new website which is very swishy, and you can go there and see my portfolio and also work by such heavy hitters as Mat Maitland, Letman, Parra, Kate Gibb, Andy Rementer, Anthony Burrill,…

Live Illustrating the Copenhagen Marathon


  09:18am LIVE ILLUSTRATING the Copenhagen Marathon today from all around the city. Here at the start line the competants are vaselining their netherlands, drinking potions and dropping their E’s for the big one. I’ll also be on LSD for the INTENSITY. Starting in 12 minutes! #cphmarathon follow Jody Barton on Instagram – @mrjodybarton  …

Abstractive Titles


Some works from my show at the itinerant gallery showing in Copenhagen. Open until 26th April, see their website for hours. My work is largely based on abstracting the titles of famous and expensive abstract paintings until they become semi-abstract themselves.

Black Submarine


So, did you know that Britain is planning on spending billions and billions of quids on a set of matching nuclear submarines to wreak nuclear doom on the planet if we get annoyed with someone or if someone accidentally launches the missiles, or there’s an a mad dictator. Or something. I did, so I did…

Stickers For Ever


Out Now! Buy this set of three sheets of amazing, ultimate quality hand screenprinted stickers of classic and new shiticisms. You can get them at my shop on the internetz, and I will pay the postage to your sticker infested rat hole for free.

Self Servicing

In a medium sized city somewhere in the frictionless Western World, a group of youngish people play empty games in the kindergarten of ambition and heartbreak. You can download the complete script here: PDF Download (zip). It’s written in 9 short episodes, designed to be very cheap to film. The dialogue is almost impossible to speak,…