Psylocibin Oilmen

23 Mar ’15

A aesthetic collision between the Texan Oilman and the darker side of the 1960s counterculture. Think Dallas on mushrooms.


Empty Nest

27 Jan ’15

A collection of used condoms. Not something you want to have in real life.  


Black Submarine

25 Jan ’15

So, did you know that Britain is planning on spending billions and billions of quids on a set of matching nuclear submarines to wreak nuclear doom on the planet if we get annoyed with someone or if someone accidentally launches the missiles, or there’s an a mad dictator. Or something. I did, so I did…


Stickers For Ever

24 Jan ’15

Out Now! Buy this set of three sheets of amazing, ultimate quality hand screenprinted stickers of classic and new shiticisms. You can get them at my shop on the internetz, and I will pay the postage to your sticker infested rat hole for free. www.jodybarton.tictail.com


Fuckin’ Hell It’s Fuckin’ Back, JPEG & The Fist

21 Jan ’15

The best selling T-shirts are back. Advertise your lethargy toward that stinkin’ environment, assert your reality beyond pixelhood or show just how much you love the fragrance of fistiness. Printed on non-organic cotton and flown halfway round the world. http://jodybarton.tictail.com/

Self Servicing

18 Jan ’15

In a medium sized city somewhere in the frictionless Western World, a group of youngish people play empty games in the kindergarten of ambition and heartbreak. You can download the complete script here: PDF Download (zip). It’s written in 9 short episodes, designed to be very cheap to film. The dialogue is almost impossible to speak,…


Collect The Dots

25 Dec ’14

Dots everywhere from my brush! Check out these cute little bags, laptop cases and totes at Hay stores. Made in collaboration with Sebastian Wrong.  


Klebstoff Sticker Magazine 8

18 Dec ’14

I just contributed a sheet of stickers to the magazine ‘Klebstoff’. I just did one spread but there are over 200 stickers by at least 15 different artists. You can see all the info and order it here for just €9.90 or a set of three issues for just €24 here.  


5 Dials Literary Magazine

18 Dec ’14

Would you like a free pdf literary magazine with writing by some really world class writers, and illustrated by me? For free? Of course you would. Click through for the link to download and to learn more. http://fivedials.com/fivedials


Food Colouring

31 Oct ’14


Music Quiz

29 Oct ’14

I did this poster for the audio company Bose as part of their ‘Listen For Yourself’ project. Can you guess the six music artists? Their Tumblr.  


Bottle Boys

23 Oct ’14


Stuck On Omnium

23 Oct ’14

I’ve been helping out the amazing Omnium Cargo bike company. They make the best cargo bikes in the world. Now they have a crazy sticker.


Some Spots

28 Sep ’14

I drew these brush-o-delic pictures of skateboarding favourites for Nike SB. There’s currently some confusion as to whether they were widely used. I saw a T-shirt with them on, but apart from that… radio silence. Ha!    


Tooled Up – An Art Show

12 Sep ’14

So, I like to be involved in things – and generally it’s a good thing. So when Mike Moloney, an old college friend of mine asked me to be in a show he was organising I said yes. He sent me a hammer in the post – it went by airmail – meaning that at…


Pingiest Pongiest

8 Sep ’14

The ping-pong ball is a great surface for drawing on. I think I’m going to buy a bucketfull.


Manic Mud Smooshing

7 Sep ’14

I love to get my hands, arms and body smeared with clay and carve it into concrete evidence of the horrors in the world beyond our world.


Got This Licked – Wrong For Hay

30 Aug ’14

Really excited (like actually, honestly) to have made this bag with Sebastian Wrong – the designer namesake behind the Wrong For Hay collection for Danish interiors company Hay. I got to get me one of these. Two sizes, two colour schemes. read more


Do Broken Windows Create Economic Activity?

3 Jun ’14

I’m working on a series of images at the moment exploring the visual metaphor of the broken window. In 1850 the French economist Frédéric Bastiat examined the metaphor of the broken window in an economic context in the ‘glazier’s fallacy’ section of his famous essay That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Unseen. In 1982 in an article by James Q….


Free Library – Screenprint

18 Mar ’14

As part of my show in Berlin at the Antonio de Luca Gallery, I made this screenprinted booklet/foldout. It has a picture of each of the books that I now give away for free as eBooks at www.jodybarton.co.uk/library


Lightning – A Model For Our Time

2 Mar ’14

Lightning is my model. I have praised her before here, but again she has surprised me. Largely because she is nearly 4 metres tall and extremely athletic. She creeps around on her high-heeled feet like a cross between a narwal and a domestic cat. We spent a feverish day and night in the studio this…


SHOW – Jody Barton – Edward Morgan – Pernille Z. Nygaard

14 Feb ’14

Edward Morgan and Pernille Zidore Nygaard join me for a heavy duty show of drawings and paintings in Copenhagen’s prestigious Le Fix gallery. The show opened on Friday 28th February and is open for three weeks in March until 18th. There’s a huge amount of good new work and it’s all in Le Fix’s excellent,…


Wrong for Hay Catalogue

11 Feb ’14

Hey, You! So I just got this back from the printers. It’s the special catalogue for Sebastian Wrong’s product range for Hay the interiors store. I did the patterns and the amazing Marco Velardi & SM Associati did the design. You can download the whole thing from Hay’s website as a lo-res pdf just by…


I’m Not A JPEG – Patch

3 Feb ’14


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 17.50.23

The Free Library

31 Jan ’14

Welcome to the FREE eBook Library. Download books for free! As part of the ‘Free Library & The Manic Defence’ show at the Antonio De Luca Gallery Berlin on 31st January 2014 I want to give everyone the opportunity to read and enjoy these specially redesigned editions of 15 of my books from the last…


Manic Defence & The Free Library – Berlin Show & FILMS

30 Jan ’14

A show of new paintings and drawings. On the night of the opening I’ll also be giving away 100 free signed limited edition screenprints to celebrate the opening of the Free Library. The Free Library has all the books I’ve ever made as an artist including such gems as ‘Love Me Hold Me’, ‘F.H.I.F.F.’, ‘Golden…


Rizlas? – Fork-Out Tightwad!

27 Jan ’14

You can buy this hat while you are at it – pennypinch! A collabo’ with my Mother Eleganza. www.mothereleganza.com

The Manic Defence

26 Jan ’14

The Manic Defence The Manic Defence is their eyes seeing us pupils pointing in our direction as we assess: is that person’s pupil in the visual-middle of their ‘eye white’? Does that mean I’m liked? Eyes lovingly regard us as we forget the ability of eyes to lie to look half interestedly – to flick,…

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 15.18.13


30 Oct ’13

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 20.14.34

Lightning – The World’s Eroticest Artiste’s Modele

29 Oct ’13

I work with some of the world’s most smokin’est broadalinas. But of all the goddesses that visit the studio then Lightning has to be one of the most felinuous. She’s a living statue of the dancefloor. The heating is on so hot here that helicopters are floating overhead in the updraft. Lightning is a fascinating…

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 18.13.50

Gonna Need Some Space

25 Oct ’13

LeFix – Water Ghost T-shirt

8 Oct ’13

A new T-shirt design OUT NOW on LeFix – Scandinavia’s coolest streetwear label. In the stores and on the web. From an original watercolour painting.


Stussy in NYLON

28 Sep ’13

Bloody Thumb

26 Sep ’13

These drawings are from a dream. Towers of coloured sand with vague silhouettes of sentinels, fragments of wooden structures lie submerged in grass, a droplet of fresh dark blood oozes from a neat cut on my thumb. The blood is alive with patterns and images.  

The Wizard of Durnford

20 Sep ’13

Happy Birthday Dad!

Bouncing Your Own Drum

17 Sep ’13

I know you don’t want to hear compliments, because you are scared that hearing them might make you happy or give rise to other emotions. I know you are scared of feelings because you don’t want to open the floodgates. Who knows what’s at the bottom of the weir? But when someone compliments you, you…

Smile Smile Non-Hostile

17 Sep ’13

  A laughing face moves, a laughing body moves, but a smiling face is still like a photograph.

Jerek Jarman

16 Sep ’13

  I didn’t grow in this jar like a mushroom – I climbed in for safety during a difficult moment and then was fed through the neck and grew too big to escape.

I’m Not A JPEG

16 Sep ’13

Here’s a song I’m working on with my new band. A work in progress. I’m NOT A JPEG I’m not an image on a screen… I’m instead the human being I’m not something you delete… I’m instead the human being You can’t scroll by me… I’m instead the human being You can’t like me, I’m…

Triplus Umbilicus

16 Sep ’13

  After the resounding success of my first unmade film ‘Self Servicing’ (which at least has a script), I am now working on another un-made film – Triplus Umbilicus. It’s a tale about one man and his obscene love for a rubber elephant suit – but it’s also a metaphor for our total dependency on…

Salivate On A Fist

16 Sep ’13

  I can’t now remember which illustrator it was. Shall we just say all of them?


Stussy Japan California Psychedelica

15 Sep ’13

It’s another Japan moment for me. Stuff I drew, on a shirt, in a shop, in the country of Japan. Crazy psychedelic oddness. Keyrings with glitter. Who knew? Including images from the Special Launch at the Stussy Pop-up shop in Harajaku. There will now follow an announcement in Japanese for which I take no responsibility for…

Hammer Hammer Artist

15 Sep ’13



Triathlon Madness

20 Aug ’13

You can take on too much at the feed station. water… water… water… water… COLA!!!!!!!!!!!

Schoolyard Blues

11 Aug ’13

Hey hey… So I was doing a nice drawing job for a Swiss magazine. The illustration was about school and it’s a real epic drawing with many many elements. I can’t show you that because it isn’t published yet, but here’s some roughs of other ideas for the same job.


25 Jul ’13


Business Surfer T-shirt – With Mother Eleganza

24 Jul ’13

Here’s a cool re-issue for Europe of a shirt originally made in Japan and now sold out. It’s got a funny little office dude who’s busted out of the office and is now surfing a big wave of destruction – backwards! It’s €38 http://mothereleganza.com/product/surfer-t-shirt-by-jody-barton

Black Circus – Animation

12 Jul ’13

Animation and music by Jody Barton